Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In the yeah, yeah, yeah, we know who wrote the press release department...

This just in:

Rabbitville authorities—otherwise known as "Cops Who Hop"—have reported an escape from the Rabbitville jail. The escapee is described as a tall, handsome bunny, unjustly incarcerated and seeking only natural justice. He has vowed to get the "marmot who set me up nyaaah nyaaah." Any such rabbits should be on the lookout.

Film at 11.


  1. What happened with this? I saw the report but no follow up to this exciting police chase. Is there a furry tail in jail?

  2. Well, Mr. Bunny was supposed to be sprung but Mrs. Bunny baked the jailer one of her primo carrot cakes with the understanding they would keep Mr. Bunny there "just a tad longer" while Mrs. Bunny did some antiquing. Mr. Bunny is not always a fan of the parade of "lovely-what-a-bargain!" tables and chairs that float through the house. She is tired of hearing them described as coming from the period Early Mrs. Bunny Requires Placement.