Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As you know there has been a skirmish on the north front with injuries on both sides.  Marmots lying covered in garlic breadcrumbs.  Gruesome best describes it for this intrepid reporter.

Roger Sutton is mentioned in dispatches.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In the yeah, yeah, yeah, we know who wrote the press release department...

This just in:

Rabbitville authorities—otherwise known as "Cops Who Hop"—have reported an escape from the Rabbitville jail. The escapee is described as a tall, handsome bunny, unjustly incarcerated and seeking only natural justice. He has vowed to get the "marmot who set me up nyaaah nyaaah." Any such rabbits should be on the lookout.

Film at 11.

Monday, June 10, 2013

You will be happy to know that Mr.  Bunny is rotting in jail.  HA!  For impersonating a much-loved rabbit.  He is happy as a clam there honing his stand-up.
Meanwhile Mrs. Bunny has received 182 letters asking for advice of all kinds.  She did not at first know how to tackle this but The Rabbitville Courier has asked her to do a weekly advice column.  For those of you who do not subscribe to The Rabbitville Courier, Mrs. Bunny will be posting a weekly video reading her sage response to some lucky chosen reader.
Please keep those cards and letters coming.  Mrs. Bunny has enjoyed them and now appears to be making a career of them.  And they will keep Mr. Bunny amused during his short but (let us hope) rehabilitative incarceration.
Mrs. Bunny does ask that you include your age with your letter.  Many the time she has advised someone to stay in school and for heaven's sake get a library card only to find out the writer is 42.  Not that it isn't sage advice anyhow.  Except for the school part.  If you are still in school at 42, graduate already.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mr. Bunny is a bad bunny.  A bad, bad bunny.


Mrs. Bunny is pretty sure this started out as a marmot suggestion.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh, how Mrs. Bunny loathes a bragging bunny.  There is nothing worse.  So Mrs. Treaclebunny has taken over this post.

This is Mrs. Treaclebunny.  No one I know has insisted that I write a short entry here to say that Mr. and Mrs. Bunny - Detectives Extraordinaire! besides being an Amazon 10 Best Books of 2012, an Indigo Best Book of 2012 and a Washington Post Best Book of 2012, has just been awarded Parent's Choice Gold Medal for 2012.
Mrs. Treaclebunny would like to commend these enterprises on their excellent taste and judgement.
Sally forth and judge again, she says to them.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another of Mr. Bunny's Short-Lived Enthusiasms

Mr. Bunny is always complaining that Mrs. Bunny hops from short-lived enthusiasm to short-lived enthusiasm.  However, it is just as often that it is he.

Case In Point

(By the way Mrs. Bunny has decided to title her next book Case In Point.  Or perhaps all her books.  It emphasizes in a sneaky way that she is always right and everyone else is always wrong. What more does one want in a book?)

Mr. Bunny came into the kitchen this morning and said, "Guess what, Mrs. Bunny."
"Call me Tootsiewig,"  said Mrs. Bunny.
"I will not,"  said Mr. Bunny.  "Today I awoke with the idea of going into show business."
"You awake with that idea every day,"  said Mrs. Bunny.  "Remember the stand-up?  Remember that time on the stage at Stratford?"
"Yes, but this is a NEW way,"  said Mr. Bunny.  "I have an idea.  An idea loosely based, or inspired really, by the dancing waters in front of the Bellagio.  Remember that time in Vegas?"
"I remember the buffets,"  said Mrs. Bunny.  "They seem to have a LOT of food there.  And don't blink an eye when Rabbits check-in.  They could put the buffet counters lower.  I had to hop up up up every time I wanted to serve myself."
"Never mind the buffets, Mrs. Bunny."
"Call me Tootsiewig."
"I want to start a show called the Dancing Ears.  I envision a stage where bunnies are below so that you see only the ears.  A light show, the movement of the ears to music.  I have already choreographed a good bit in my head.  Some of it is thrilling.  Some of it is moving."
"Well, Mrs. Bunny is not moving.  Mrs. Bunny is not moving to Vegas; she is staying right here in her own hutch where the food is at the appropriate level,"  she said, sweeping out of the room.
Mrs. Bunny could be so deflating.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

This morning on their hop, Mr. Bunny announced that he does not wish to be tethered to western ideas of time and space.
Oh dear.