Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As you know there has been a skirmish on the north front with injuries on both sides.  Marmots lying covered in garlic breadcrumbs.  Gruesome best describes it for this intrepid reporter.

Roger Sutton is mentioned in dispatches.


  1. Oh no! Rabbitville sounds quite terrifying today. Hopefully the only serious injuries and maimings were inflicted on "people".

  2. garlic bread, the most sinister force on earth, making lives and peoples breath…. stinky!

  3. But The Marmot, why, why do you use the REALLY important code. No less, to wipe. WHY NOT YOUR SOCK OR SOMETHING?! And yes Rabbitville does sound terrifying. Just simply terrifying. Good luck to your cases! And tell Madeline I said hi! (If I spelled her name right)