Thursday, May 30, 2013

This morning on their hop, Mr. Bunny announced that he does not wish to be tethered to western ideas of time and space.
Oh dear.


  1. Is there any direction that Mr. Bunny would like to be tethered to? Perhaps we can send a marmot to help with the tethering. I'm sure quite a few bunnies would not oppose this.

  2. Yup, great idea. And Mrs. Bunny, my sister once told me "Ok, great idea, let's put in the idea box! Annnnnnd keep it there. But then again, YOU ARE ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, and don't forget the rubber hats. Mr. Bunny was in deep trouble, deep deep trouble. Well, I just hope Mrs. Ruskeebunny has State Farm, and someone who could lone her money, lots to fix those hats. (And as Mr. Bunny said Crazy Glue, lots of it).